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Live Chat on our e-commerce site

We know understanding some manufacturer's part numbers requires a first class honours degree and the ability to balance 10 pints of beer on a tray whilst performing a replica of Michael Flatley's latest Irish dance!! It is purely with this reason in mind we decided to offer a live chat facility on our web site.  

Simply type in your question and we will do our best to give an immediate reply!! 

If you are unsure what connector works with what or if a product is available in a different size or length, just ask!  
Maybe you have an application in mind and want to be guided to the best product, don't waste your time!   Time is important these days, so why not simply ask us the question? After-all, we deal with these products day in day out.  We may even make a suggestion you hadn't considered.

Selectronix Onboard Ltd are not your normal distributor, we know technical details about the products, we understand applications, we have experience and history. For example, we have been supplying Amphenol LTW connectors for over 11 years.  We know the range better than any distributor, we know all the connector options, part numbers, the list is long so I'll save boring you with all the ins & outs.

We look forward to chatting soon.

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New Cloud Software implemented for 2016

In the last quarter of 2015 we set about investigating replacing our existing stock & accounts software.  We have been Pegasus Opera & Operations software for over a decade, a major upgrade was imminent, so we set about reviewing if this package was a suitable system to support us in years to come.  Guess what - it wasn't on so many levels!

An enlightening journey was ahead of us, looking for alternative applications.  We wanted everything to be fully integrated, but most of all we wanted a cost efficient and modern system which moved with the times.

This is how we ended up using cloud based software.  Being cloud based we are able to access all of our systems wherever we are in the world 24/7.Gone is the need to have expensive IT equipment and ongoing maintenance costs.  Our cloud based systems are fully backed-up on highly secure platforms, another worry gone.  If there is an enhancement to the software, it is simply there when we next log in.  No longer do we have to wait for an engineer to turn up with a CD and upgrade our software, everything is instantaneous - how very modern!  

All of a sudden the world is our oyster when it comes to 'add-on apps' (specialist software which focus on a particular need) - all of which integrate with our systems.  

We decided to also look at our CRM software (Customer Relationship Management), could this really be any better?  Actually it wasn't hard, our old CRM (Goldmine) whilst it is recognised as one of the market leaders - it was simply too involved, too complicated.  If you wanted a specialist to come along to tweak it a bit here & there, he would arrive wearing a black cape and mask on a horse demanding 750 GBP for his trouble for the day. We like to call these engineers 'Robin' - would they be back?  Of course, next time there was a major software update, along with their open palm.  Next thing you know they were gone leaving you rubbing the dust out of your eyes.
Surprise surprise, we found a cloud based application which fully integrated with our other systems.  Of course being modern up-to-date software there are apps allowing us to use it on our mobiles / tablets or browser.  So we can access all our comms in true 'anytime, anywhere, anyplace' mode.

What does this all mean?
As a customer, it allows us to remain as competitive as possible, to be even more responsive than we were before. Better product forecasting will help us ensure our stock profile is right.
As a supplier, it means better integration, we will be a more efficient customer and thus less of an 'overhead' to them.

Overall, we have implemented a system which allows us to be flexible.
We look forward to the coming years and are glad we are once again on the leading edge of technology, with the likes of Xero:  "Everything you need to run your business - beautifully".

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Change Of Company Name

Many of you will have received an email from us advising we have merged Selectronix Ltd and Onboard Electronics Ltd. By merging our two businesses together we can remove duplicated costs and more importantly make the single company far more efficient.  As you can imagine having two businesses so closely linked inevitably involves lots of cross trading and cross charging.  This 'admin' has been removed with merging. 

So what does this mean to our customers?
By controlling our costs it helps us to remain competitive.  It also means we become much more efficient, the process of administering some orders is simpler.  All the duplicated costs we used to have running two Limited companies have gone.

With merging there is the minor issue of going into our account on your system and changing a few details on your system - a few minutes work.  We appreciate your time and we are sure this change is for the positive.

Regards Selectronix Onboard !

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IP Ratings Explained

More and more people are becoming familiar with IP ratings, however, if you want to have a quick reference, please bookmark this page so you can quickly refer back whenever you need clarification.

The IP rating system was introduced to try and provide more accurate guidelines as to what level of protection a product has.  A sales leaflet who's vague marketing simply says 'waterproof' doesn't really explain to what extent the product has been tested.  So a standard was created to give users greater information to determine the actual level of protection the device has been tested to.

The first number represent the level of protection against hazardous parts - (moving parts - solid objects)
0 = No protection
1 = Objects larger than 50mm (hands etc)
2 = Objects larger than 12.5mm (fingers etc)
3 = Objects larger than 2.5mm (tools, thick wire etc)
4 = Objects larger than 1mm (wires etc)
5 = Dust protected (does not mean 100% proof, but no harmful quantities of dust will enter to interfere with the functioning of the product)
6 = Dust tight - no ingress of any dust

The second number represents the level of protection aginst ingress of water
0 = No protection
1 = Dripping water will have no effect
2 = Dripping water will have no effect if the device is angle at 15 degrees from normal position
3 = Water spraying up to an angle of 60 degrees shall have no effect
4 = Water splashing against the device at any angle will have no harmful effect
5 = Water projected from a nozzle of 6.3mm against the device at any angle will have no harmful effect
6 = Water projected from powerful jets of 12.5mm against the device at any angle will have no harmful effect
6K = Water projected from powerful jets of 12.5mm with increased pressure against the device at any angle will have no harmful effect
7 = Ingress of water in harmful quantity shall not be possible when immersed in 1M of water under specified time and pressure
8 = Ingress of water in harmful quantity shall not be possible when immersed continuously in conditions advised by the manufacturer
9K = Protection against high pressure at close range with high temperature spray downs

A German standard created to even more accurately detail wash down protection.  The DIN 40050-9 extends the IEC 60529 rating standard. This calls for high temperature wash downs, the device must also be dust tight and comply with IP6x standards. THe IP69K test specifies the device must undergo a 80 degree hot water test at 80-100Bar pressure at a flow rate of 14-16 L/min.  The nozzle is held at 10cm away from the device at four different angles (0, 30, 60, 90 degrees) for 30 seconds. 

You might find some datasheets detail a product as 'IPx4'. This does not mean the product is not protected.  The fact the item has been tested to '4' (water splashing against the device) indicates protection against ingress of water, even though a rating for the protection against solids has not formally been assigned.  

Additionally, an item which is advised as being IP67 (immersion in water for a temporary period), does not mean the the product will be adequately protected against jets of water (IP66). In such instances some manufacturer might show an item as being IP66/IP67 rated, thus indicating it has been tested to both standards.

Please link to this page or share it via social media.

Regards the team at Selectronix

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Raspberry pie anyone?

Its seems the Raspberry pie  is an ever increasing piece of pie..!

See below an article from :
Written by Richard Wilson.

The Raspberry Pi programming language, called Python, has overtaken French as the most popular language taught in primary schools, according to a survey of school pupils and parents. Most significant was the importance even parents of the very young school  children placed on learning programming. Six out of ten parents want their primary school age children to learn the coding language over French. While 75% of primary school children said they would rather learn how to program a robot than learn the modern foreign language.

The survey, which sampled 3,000 – ranging from five year-olds to parents – was commissioned by Ocado Technology.

More worrying is that the survey also found that secondary school pupils were less enthusiastic about learning computer programming , and over half saw a computer science GCSE is seen as an ‘easy option’ in their schools.

Paul Clarke, Director of Technology at Ocado, writes:

"Unfortunately this is an example of a wider and more serious problem that we face in terms of computer science in the UK not being treated as the serious engineering discipline that it undoubtedly is. The irony is that this is at a time when we are facing a massive shortfall in the number of software engineers and IT specialists who will be required to help build out the UK’s digital economy.” - See more at:

Clarke believes the government should make computer science GCSE mandatory like maths and English.

Online shopping firm Ocado has also created Rapid Router, a free coding teaching resource which is being used by over 30,000 schools, pupils and teachers.

It is also releasing a series of videos by Computing specialists where they provide fellow teachers with tips on delivering the Computing curriculum.

The research was based on three online surveys conducted on behalf of Ocado Technology by OnePoll in August 2015:

  •  1,000 5-11 year old primary school pupils from England
  •  1,000 parents of school children from England
  •  1,000 secondary school pupils from England
- See more at:

Let's hope the Raspberry range expands and more people have a need for our Raspberry Pie enclosure:

Au revoir!

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How many in stock?

A question popped up this morning about our new e-commerce web site:  
"your site says 'in stock', but how do I know how many you have"?

So for a few reasons we decided to not show how many of a particular part we have in stock.  
But you can simply enter in the quantity you require and if we are unable to service that demand, the system will tell you.  Our e-commerce site does not allow items to be on back order - you can only order a quantity that is in stock.
Of course you can click the 'live chat' facility and an available agent will answer your questions and let you know how many we have, or even if & when additional stock coming in... !!

Searching our web site:
Simply type in the search box - either a descriptive word or the part ref (or even just part of it).

For example: - if you were looking for a Vent.
Typing 'vent' will bring up any product on our site that has the word vent in its description.

Or if you were looking for a connector but you were unsure of the full part ref; just enter in the bits you do know.

Imagine you are looking for part RCP-5SPFFH-SCU7001 - of course typing that in full will get you straight to that part.
But typing in 'PFFH' will bring up all parts which contain that string of characters.
This is a great way to search for other similar parts...

Search by Manufacturer
If you do not know the part ref at all and have no idea how to word the description, then you're going to struggle!!
You can simply drill down through the directory structure to hopefully a small 'ish' range of parts.
Not forgetting you can click the 'search by manufacturer' button at the bottom of each page.  Then click through until you find what you need.
Really the best thing to do in this situation is to talk to an agent via our live chat facility.  It'll save you so much time.  

Live Chat
Simply click the chat icon to speak to someone. We can send you links to click to get straight to the part you need as well as answer any questions you have to help you decide on the best part for your application.  

If you find a link or data sheet is incorrect or failing, please let us know. Thanks in advance if you do this :)


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