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28 Feb 2017
Newer Micro USB for 2017 This product has recently been upgraded.  The connector is virtually identical to the original format, please contact us for exact details of change, but in a nutshell there are two main changes: 1) the smt contacts are larger to provide greater solderability. 2) the boardlocks are larger and re-shaped to provide a stronger connection with the board during reflow.  The changes are minimal and in some instances the new connector can fit direct where the old one did subject to your PCB's tolerances.  

The connector is ideal for outdoor handheld equipment - there are four versions with varying depths - IP67 & 3 x IP68 versions. 
The original connector is available until July 2017, thereafter it will be obsolete.

New Micro USB range

8 Jul 2015
New Micro USB range Whilst we've had the product for a number of months, this new to the market connector is still unique. There are four versions ranging from the entry level IP67 for 30mins up to 1M - to an IP68 version to 10M depth for 3 hours.  This connector is perfect for any body-worn electronics or hand held device.  Replace much larger waterproof USB connectors for this 'mobile phone' size connector. It is a surface mount PCB connector with a silicon gasket surround to creat a watertight seal. For samples and information, just call +44(0) 118 9817387 or hit the 'sample request' button on the product.

New E-Commerce web site

8 Jun 2015
As you can see we have created a brand new web site which allows you to purchase online.  As it is brand new it will evolve, especially over the first six months.  We welcome any feedback, things you like or dislike, even ideas of functions or information you'd like to see on here.

More and more products will be added through time, so if what you are looking for is not detailed, please just call and ask.

We plan on adding more content and videos of product, so please watch this space!!