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Waterproof Electronics

Waterproof Mini Cable Gland

Written by: Selectronix  |  August 6th, 2011

Electronics components are rarely completely self contained and even in the harshest conditions there is a need to get power to, and data out of stand-alone electronic devices. Selectronix supply a wide range of water resistant and waterproof enclosures but at some stage you will need to run a cable into such components, and so it is essential to ensure that any holes you make will be properly sealed to maintain a weather tight enclosure.

Cable Glands ensure that the seal into electronics enclosures, or through bulkheads remains waterproof. By tightening down onto an internal grommet around the wire or cable, a metal cable gland creates a tight seal that ensures no ingress of particles or liquids. Metal Cable Glands also allow enough compression on the grommet to allow this waterproof cable run to maintain this seal in high pressure immersion.

Our Mini Cable Gland is ideal to protect your electronics components from the weather. The HSK Gland is rated to IP68: able to cope with long term immersion in water and even pressurised conditions and so will easily maintain a seal even if you intend to use the device when diving or for equipment modules on a submersible. Cable Glands are available for wire or cable between 2-6mm and are constructed of alloy that will not corrode or take UV damage as plastic fittings might.

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