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How many in stock?

A question popped up this morning about our new e-commerce web site:  
"your site says 'in stock', but how do I know how many you have"?

So for a few reasons we decided to not show how many of a particular part we have in stock.  
But you can simply enter in the quantity you require and if we are unable to service that demand, the system will tell you.  Our e-commerce site does not allow items to be on back order - you can only order a quantity that is in stock.
Of course you can click the 'live chat' facility and an available agent will answer your questions and let you know how many we have, or even if & when additional stock coming in... !!

Searching our web site:
Simply type in the search box - either a descriptive word or the part ref (or even just part of it).

For example: - if you were looking for a Vent.
Typing 'vent' will bring up any product on our site that has the word vent in its description.

Or if you were looking for a connector but you were unsure of the full part ref; just enter in the bits you do know.

Imagine you are looking for part RCP-5SPFFH-SCU7001 - of course typing that in full will get you straight to that part.
But typing in 'PFFH' will bring up all parts which contain that string of characters.
This is a great way to search for other similar parts...

Search by Manufacturer
If you do not know the part ref at all and have no idea how to word the description, then you're going to struggle!!
You can simply drill down through the directory structure to hopefully a small 'ish' range of parts.
Not forgetting you can click the 'search by manufacturer' button at the bottom of each page.  Then click through until you find what you need.
Really the best thing to do in this situation is to talk to an agent via our live chat facility.  It'll save you so much time.  

Live Chat
Simply click the chat icon to speak to someone. We can send you links to click to get straight to the part you need as well as answer any questions you have to help you decide on the best part for your application.  

If you find a link or data sheet is incorrect or failing, please let us know. Thanks in advance if you do this :)


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