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Waterproof Circular

2 to 31 position waterproof circulars, 2A to 20A

IP68 Electrical Connectors

250v rated UK mains IP68 connector

IP68 X-Lok circular

2 to 18 position, 5A to 20A circular connector system

Lemo / ODU Equivalent

Metal Lemo & ODU compatible connectors

IP67 Mini Size Circular

2 to 6 position, 2A to 5A circulars

IP67 Standard Size Circular

2 to 12 position, 2A to 10A circulars

IP67 Middle Size Circular

3 to 14 position, 2A to 20A circulars

IP67 Large Size Circular

2 to 22 position, 2A to 20A circulars

IP68 UTS & UTO Souriau

Mated waterproof IP68 circular

IP68 UTS Hi-Seal Souriau

IP68 Unmated waterproof circulars